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Tuttle Inc. has been providing professional mechanical services for industrial design, fabrication, and installation since 1974. The company, founded by Gary Tuttle, began as a welding and repair shop and has since evolved to meet a variety of needs for our clients. Design and installation work began in the 1980's and in-house fabrication soon followed. Rapidly expanding, Tuttle Inc. moved in 1997 to its present location situated on ten acres of land. The facility includes 24,000 square feet of production space and 2,700 square feet of office space.

We have found that a team approach is very successful at Tuttle Inc. and incorporate that idea in all our processes. The design phase results in a fully integrated, detailed plan of construction that this team communicates to the client. The fabrication team is chosen based upon employee skills, fabrication materials and the customer’s needs. This team stays with the project through all phases of fabrication, installation and start-up assistance.
We are experienced in working with a variety of metals and polymers including stainless steel. Listed are items we produce:
» Conveyors
» Conveyor Accessories
» Automated Equipment
» Piping
» Custom Designed Equipment
» Tables
» Material Handling Equipment
» Guards
» Piece Part Fabrication
» Catwalks
» Platforms
» Stairs
» Support Structures
We also offer specialized custom capabilities to suit your specific needs including:
» Fabrication Services
» Welding Services
» Installation Services
Quality Control Assurance
At Tuttle, Inc. we work hard to ensure that we provide a complete, customized service and inspection program to suit your every need. The value delivered is not just the auditing of individual parts and components, but the systematic overview of a system's current performance and reliability.
Tuttle, Inc. performs Preventative and Predictive Maintenance using the latest and most advanced technology available. To prevent valuable loss of production time, a system and its individual components must run at peak performance... every second of downtime counts. Through our customized service contracts, knowledgeable and experienced service team, and detailed inspection reports you will know of potential problems before they become a costly failure. Our maintenance and quality assurance program include providing:
» Spare Parts
» System Tuning and Balancing
» System Audits
» System Upgrades and Improvements
Each maintenance service project performed by Tuttle, Inc. is backed by a 30-day guarantee on parts and labor.
Industries Served
We can supply material handling systems for any industry or application. However, we work mainly with the:
» Pharmaceutical Industry
» Food and Beverage Industry
» Pet Food Industry
» General Manufacturing
Tuttle Inc. has wide-ranging familiarity with packaging and processing equipment. This allows us to customize for nearly any industry, and to design system layouts that solve unique production problems. Clients range from food processing giants with plants throughout the world, to smaller specialty industries with single locations. At Tuttle Inc., our specialty is the ability to complete all phases of a project, including designing, fabrication, and installing specialized industrial equipment. Tuttle Inc. has always focused on what is important to you, the client.
Major Equipment
In-House Equipment
Our facility is equiped with quality machines and machinists. Our equipment includes:
» Abrasive Eng. & Mfg. Time Saver - for metal polishing. This piece of equipment can handle materials up to 36" wide x 12' long x 6" thick.
» Accu-Shear Metal Shear. These shears can cut material up to 10' wide and up to 1/2" thick mild steel or 1/4" thick stainless steel.
» Hypertherm CNC Plasma metal cutter. This plasma cutter can hold up to 5 'x 10' piece of material and can cut through up to 1" of mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum.
» Metal Lathes & Mills. We have various lathes and mills that can accomodate a wide range of material sizes.
» Bentenbender Metal Break. Rated to 195 tons this break can bend sheets up to 10' wide and up to 1/2" thick mild steel or 1/4" thick stainless steel.
» Accupress Metal Break. Rated to 250 tons this break can bend sheets up to 10' wide and up to 1/2" thick mild steel or 1/4" thick stainless steel.
» CNC Waterjet cutter. This piece of equipment can handle any material up to 6' x 12' in size.
» Webb Electric Metal Roller. This piece of equipment can handle materials up to 5' wide x 10 ga. thick. There is an 8" minimum diameter on 10 ga. material.
» Hyd-Mech Vertical Band Saw. This saw can cut bulk material up to 18" wide x 18" high.
We have multiple welders including:
   » Orbital Welder. For product piping up to 4" in diameter.
   » Infrared Plastic Pipe Welder. For plastic piping up to 3" in diameter.
   » MIG Welders. This welder contains all spray transfers including flux cores.
   » TIG Welders. This welder can be used on all materials.
   » Stick Welders.


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